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INFONET III 7. News Letter

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In co-operation with the online magazine  logo-lline50px  Lifelong Learning in Europe

InfoNet Newsletter 7/2013

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Body, Emotions and the Arts: Theme of LLinE 4/2013

Introducing InfoNet Newsletter 7/2013: LLinE on Body, Emotions and the Arts
This issue of InfoNet Newsletter is dedicated to the recently published issue of the LLinE web magazine. The theme of the issue is body, arts and emotions. InfoNet correspondents have contributed with articles to this issue.
Learning is as much anchored into our bodily and emotional experiences as it is to our intellect. The arts are a natural addition to this equation of body and emotions. In LLine no 4/2013 this topic is covered in different ways, and InfoNet Newsletter will especially like to draw attention to these three articles.
Jim Soulsby: The hand that stopped trembling
In a home for retired people Jack caused problems because he has some element of tremors in his hand coordination. But during training provided by an arts organisation for staff and residents together it was revealed that Jack had no hand tremors at all when holding a paint brush.
If the activity had excluded the staff – like many similar activities in residential homes – this fact may well have gone unreported. Now, Jack is no longer seen as a burden and source of workload but as an individual with an artistic flair which seemed to overcome his disability.
Alexis Kokkos: Transforming learning through art
The article presents the reasons why the role of emotions as well as the use of art in learning is important. Next, the method “Transformative Learning through Aesthetic Experience” is presented. The method aims to provide adult educators with guidelines and tools which might enable them to design art-based training modules which would help them develop learners’ creativity and critical mode of thinking.
Eeva Anttila: Book Review: Focusing on the body and the senses
“It is exciting to find out that not only dancers and arts educators advocate embodied learning. This new collection, edited by Mira-Lisa Katz, opens wide horizons into the many possibilities that embodied pedagogies offer for learners of any age.”
So writes Eeva Anttila in her review of Mira-Lisa Katz (Ed.): Moving Ideas: Multimodality and Embodied Learning in Communities and Schools.
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