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Infonet Newsletter 3

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InfoNet Newsletter 3/2013
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Introducing InfoNet Newsletter 3/2013 (InfoNet Editorial Board)
The interrelationship between children’s learning and parents’ learning is important in two of the articles that we have chosen to highlight in this issue of the Newsletter. In addition a number of articles on European projects, conferences and developments have been published on the InfoNet website since InfoNet Newsletter 2 (10.4.13).

Art education for integration (Eva Tanczos)
When Nóra Ritók started The Real Pearl Foundation in 1999 in Hungary, the aim was to provide useful afternoon programmes for children living in extreme poverty. Nóra Ritók soon realized that cooperation with parents was essential. Learning programmes for parents became a part of the activity, including: gardening, handling official affairs, embroidering and sewing, producing biomass briquettes.

Exploring the world of science through adult learning (Christina Gerlach)
Adults need to make informed decisions in a society that heavily relies on a rapidly evolving science and technology scenario. Providing this science literacy is the aim of the European Project FEAST. Developing workshops for parents in order to enhance their competences as informal science educators of their children is one element of the project.

Erasmus for All is taking shape (Aura Vuorenrinne)
The future of the different elements of the existing Grundtvig programme is still at play in trilogue negotiations between the European Parliament, the European Commission and the EU Council. Workshops and Senior Volunteering are almost certainly ending. Assistentships and Visits and Exchanges might still be included. The name of all the Life Long Learning Programmes, including Grundtvig, will be Erasmus for All.

EC arranging development of ‘Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe’(Michael Sommer)
The European Union is planning to set up an online information platform on adult education.

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This newsletter is a product from the project InfoNet Adult Education. With interviews, reports and news articles, this service provides information about current trends and events in the field of European adult education. It is in partnership with 35 European and national institutions. InfoNet has a network of about 35 correspondents all over Europe and is financed by the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme (Grundtvig).

Contact: European InfoNet Adult Education, Dr. Michael Sommer, Akademie Klausenhof, Klausenhofstr. 100, 46499 Hamminkeln, Germany,sommer@akademie-klausenhof.de, Tel.: +49 2852 / 89-1329, Fax: +49 2852 / 89-3300
Editorial Board: Hetty Rooth (Sweden), Michael Voss (Denmark), Carlos de Ribeiro (Portugal), Markus Palmén (Finland), Ricarda Motschilnig (Belgium), Dr. Michael Sommer (Germany).
InfoNet is a project of the Katholische Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Erwachsenenbildung KBE, Bonn (Germany)

InfoNet 2013

This newsletter has been produced with the financial support of the European Commission.
Its content reflects the views of the authors only

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